Marketing Strategy for Software Development Companies

An inbound web developing strategy needs to provide compelling copy on your website to persuade an action from your audience. A perfect place to do so is on your company's About Us page. This is where you share your story — what makes your business unique, trustworthy, and valuable as a partner.

The About Us page should be easy to navigate with informative, useful, and overall engaging content — but too often, this page reads like an afterthought. The following tips share key information that your About Us page should contain to compliment your inbound marketing strategy successfully. Plus, we'll take a peek at a few industrial companies who have this About Us page thing nailed down and gain some insight from their examples.

Over the previous decade, the Information Technology (IT) industry has gotten one of the quickest developing enterprises in India due to which it has grabbed world eye. Indian IT-ITES industry developed at a pace of 33 % in FY2008. India is currently being distinguished as force to be reckoned with for steady improvement of PC programming.

The key portions that have contributed essentially to industry's fares incorporate Software and administrations (IT administrations) and IT empowered administrations. Notwithstanding current downturn however the temperament is that of careful confidence yet Industry is relied upon to observe reasonable development over time of two years.